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    Look whose back! Yep, it’s Southern California roots-rock bastion Jackslacks submitting his annual record for release, the brand spanking new 3-song extended-play entitled “Invisible” (Shield of Love/Universal SOL-8).
    Each new track possesses a unique personality, flair, and signature groove, combining rock-solid songwriting, atypical lyrical content and superlative musicianship, all shaped by well-crafted melodies and distinctive harmonies, and packed to the hilt with good old fashioned, no-holds-barred American music.
    Lyrically, this new music is a throwback to the ‘concept’ albums, most popular in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, of songs composed in a specific order, outside of a particular musical anthology, to emphasize a continuous theme and story line.
    Here, we find our leading poetic personality as particularly deep in thought, a seasoned, experienced man contemplating his own mortality. He wanders through life, and genuinely, searches for a way to beat the inevitable, corporal demise. A primeval recollection occurs as he ponders a longstanding wisdom: perhaps ‘a bargain with God’. Alas, it is too late even for that and unable to side step fate and its transience consequences, the man instead freezes – with hopes of awakening in a different time and place, in a contemporary land where common disease and human tragedy is resolved. Subsequently, he does. Yet, after initial euphoric corollary suggests he may actually belong in this strange new world, he ultimately struggles in an attempt at reinvention and turns more and more disenchanted, he’s much older now, finally becoming ostracized and for all practical purposes, invisible.
    Tracks “Your Time Has Come” “Back in the Mix” and “Invisible” are certainly catchy and cover many original American genres – from folk and jazz to blues, country and rockabilly while all the while emanating an alternative pop style. Each resonate layered and refined, inimitably the process of adding another dimension to modern music, by breaking new ground with an analog sound.
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New Jackslacks EP "Invisible" on indie label Shield of Love. SOL-8.


released September 15, 2015

Jackslacks lead vocals drums and percussion, Johnny Mercury electric lead & rhythm guitars, Chris Cote acoustic/electric & slide guitars, Eric Hutchinson acoustic/electric guitars & backing vocals, Dave Votel upright bass & backing vocals, Anthony Stevens piano & backing vocals, Bill Giorgio harmonica, Billy Bacon backing vocals, Christine Lunaire backing vocals, Bill Grubbs backing vocals.
Recorded by Mike Kamoo at Earthling Studios San Diego, CA.
Produced by Jackslacks.



all rights reserved


Jackslacks San Diego, California

Singer-songwriter Jackslacks is a veteran of the original San Diego roots-rock scene. He has performed and recorded with many popular players of the genre, sharing the stage with heroes Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry as well as a who's who list of nationally prominent second generation rockabilly revivalists.
Jackslacks is a member of the Blackcat Rockabilly Europe Hall of Fame.
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Track Name: Your Time Has Come
The doctor told me, you’d better slow down,
or your gonna be in trouble.
I asked doctor O’boogie, now what are my chances,
of drinkin’ on (for) tonight.

Your time has come, like the setting sun,
your time has come, a life cut short.
Days gone by, I feel like cryin,
what can I say, ain’t it a shame.

He said boy, your condition isn’t pretty,
this bad news, ain’t no joke.
Jack, it’s breaking you down,
you’re just melting away,
I never thought that I would, have to pay.

Your time has come, like the setting sun,
your time has come, a life cut short.
Days go by, sometimes I cry,
what can I say, ain’t it a shame.

I want to live! Before I fly away,
I don’t wanna die, I'm not going down without a fight.
Bargain with God and I’ll be a good boy.

Maybe I’ll freeze, just another cool breeze,
I’m cryin’, dyin’, in the night.
So awaken me, when the ship gets there,
I'm blasting off for a ride to the other side.

Your time has come, like the setting sun,
your time has come, a life cut short.
Days gone by, I feel like cryin’,
what can I say, ain’t it a shame.
Track Name: Back In The Mix
Woke up from my deep freeze this morning,
locked in a deep freeze too boring,
same ole clothes, spit shine shoes,
I'm back in the mix, I got nothing to lose,
woke up from my deep sleep this morning.

I’ve been away too long, travelin’ centuries gone,
feelin’ like ole King Kong, I’m back in the mix.

They thawed me out didn’t break a sweat,
turns out they ain’t cured cancer yet,
pour me a drink, I could use some booze,
I'm back in the mix, I'll forget my blues,
go-on and light me up a cigarette.

I’ve been away too long, travelin’ centuries gone,
singin' an old swan song, I’m back in the mix.

Spent all those years frozen lonesome,
my cold heart, a block of ice,
sure would be swell to find a woman,
to love me and treat me right,
to love me and treat me nice.

Shakin’ off the dust it didn’t take long,
getting a second chance to right my wrongs,
bought a sharkskin suit, and alligator boots,
I'm back in the mix, let’s go for a cruise,
come-on and we’ll ink old school tattoos.

I've been away to long, travelin' centuries gone,
thinkin I might belong, I’m back in the mix.

Baby, baby, baby - I’m back in the mix,
baby, baby, baby - I’m back in the mix,
baby, baby, baby - I’m back in the mix.
Track Name: Invisible
Like a cloaking device, you can't see me,
I’m invisible, man, hover like a ghost.
I’m right here, you won't touch me,
I'm invisible, man, you won't come to close.
I got something to say, you can't hear me,
yeah, invisible, man, drifting down the coast.

Cuz' I’m invisible, man, hip back in the day,
invisible, man, he sure could play,
yeah, I’m Invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

Like H.G. Wells, absorbs no light,
the invisible man, vanished from your sight.
Blinded all right, look right through me,
yeah, invisible, man, he takes flight at night.
Like, I’m invisible, man, you won't know me,
the invisible, man, fills your mind with fright.

Cuz, I’m invisible, man, float through mid-air,
invisible, man, you never know where,
I’m invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

You’re too cool for school, oh so young,
your breaking all life’s rules,
now that I’m unseen, lost shadows,
a-strange and lonesome dream.

Transparency, world's strange cruel game,
It’s crazy, man, phantom's my new name.
I’m still here, but not the same,
this Invisible man, (has) otherworldly aims.
Uh-huh, invisible, man, walk right past me,
invisible, man, reckons your to blame.

Cuz, I’m invisible, man, you better beware,
invisible, man, your looking real scared,
I’m invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

I live in your dreams, in your hometown,
cripy-creepin' your world, must be trouble bound.
Wee little sound, now you hear me,
invisible, man, be making my rounds.
Milling around, now you feel me,
yeah, invisible man's, haunted hunting grounds.

Cuz' I’m invisible, man, coming for you,
invisible, man, your payment is due.
I’m invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

Yeah, I'm Invisible, man,
yeah, I'm Invisible, man,
yeah, I'm Invisible, man.