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Resonates layered and refined, shaped by well-crafted melodies and distinctive harmonies.


Like a cloaking device, you can't see me,
I’m invisible, man, hover like a ghost.
I’m right here, you won't touch me,
I'm invisible, man, you won't come to close.
I got something to say, you can't hear me,
yeah, invisible, man, drifting down the coast.

Cuz' I’m invisible, man, hip back in the day,
invisible, man, he sure could play,
yeah, I’m Invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

Like H.G. Wells, absorbs no light,
the invisible man, vanished from your sight.
Blinded all right, look right through me,
yeah, invisible, man, he takes flight at night.
Like, I’m invisible, man, you won't know me,
the invisible, man, fills your mind with fright.

Cuz, I’m invisible, man, float through mid-air,
invisible, man, you never know where,
I’m invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

You’re too cool for school, oh so young,
your breaking all life’s rules,
now that I’m unseen, lost shadows,
a-strange and lonesome dream.

Transparency, world's strange cruel game,
It’s crazy, man, phantom's my new name.
I’m still here, but not the same,
this Invisible man, (has) otherworldly aims.
Uh-huh, invisible, man, walk right past me,
invisible, man, reckons your to blame.

Cuz, I’m invisible, man, you better beware,
invisible, man, your looking real scared,
I’m invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

I live in your dreams, in your hometown,
cripy-creepin' your world, must be trouble bound.
Wee little sound, now you hear me,
invisible, man, be making my rounds.
Milling around, now you feel me,
yeah, invisible man's, haunted hunting grounds.

Cuz' I’m invisible, man, coming for you,
invisible, man, your payment is due.
I’m invisible, man, yeah, I’m invisible, man.

Yeah, I'm Invisible, man,
yeah, I'm Invisible, man,
yeah, I'm Invisible, man.


from Invisible, released September 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Jackslacks San Diego, California

Singer-songwriter Jackslacks is a veteran of the original San Diego roots-rock scene. He has performed and recorded with many popular players of the genre, sharing the stage with heroes Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry as well as a who's who list of nationally prominent second generation rockabilly revivalists.
Jackslacks is a member of the Blackcat Rockabilly Europe Hall of Fame.
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